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I've found that gardening vertically is the most effective and impressive way to grow and enjoy bountiful veggies, flowers, and other house plants. I always enjoyed some degree of gardening and building things so I decided to have a little fun growing vertical gardens.

My 5 Favorite Vertical Gardening Planters

When you have limited space to garden, whether you plan on growing vegetables or planting flowers you’re going to need the best vertical garden planters. The good news, there’s a large variety of vertical gardening planters available, and you can even make your own. Continue reading My 5 Favorite Vertical Gardening Planters


When space is at a premium and you have nowhere else to grow there is only one solution, up! You don’t need a lot of gardening space or a huge budget to create more vegetables, you can easily produce more fresh vegetables by gardening vertically.

Here is my list of vertical garden vegetables that grow well in vertical gardens along with my tips on how best to vertically grow each plant to get the most from your crop. Continue reading VERTICAL GARDENING VEGETABLES