My 5 Favorite Vertical Gardening Planters

When you have limited space to garden, whether you plan on growing vegetables or planting flowers you’re going to need the best vertical garden planters. The good news, there’s a large variety of vertical gardening planters available, and you can even make your own.

With there being so many available planters, it can be hard to find planters that make the most of your vertical space and give each of your plant’s roots and leafs enough space and an even distribution of water and nutrients to allow them to thrive. My list here includes the 5 best commercially available planters I’ve discovered as a vertical gardener myself.

1. GreenStalk Stackable Planter

My favorite so far. Great for growing anything you want, each 11-inch deep container level (much better compared to other vertical planters available) can hold six gallons of growing media in each level, plenty of room to allow your plant to thrive.

Very nice product, easy to assemble or disassemble and holds 30 plants, and it’s nice and sturdy with the ability to run an anchored pipe up through the middle if you live in a windy area. It is very sturdy, I’ve found that as long as it’s placed on level ground the sheer weight of a full GreenStalk makes it tuff to blow over.

Green stalk put a lot of thought into the design of this planter’s water distribution to ensure that each planter gets water without over watering or under watering other levels, and you water it by simply filling the top level. Made in the USA!

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2. Garden Tower Project’s Garden Tower 2

Grow 50 plants in 4 square feet! This planter has all you need, except for a self-watering system, but a planter like this hold a good amount of soil which retains mosture so missing a day won’t result in wilted plants. You simply just water it from the top and gravity pulls water down to all the plants, even the plants around the edge.

The middle of the Garden Tower2 is a compost column that allows you to make use of your kitchen scraps and provides fertilizer and extra nutrients to your plants through the compost, worm castings, and compost tea it produces. It provides a lot of good sized planting pockets than other vertical garden planters, it’s base is sturdy and it even rotates. The GT2 is an incredibly smart product that makes organic gardening vertically a breeze, and it’s made in the USA! They’re also one of the most loyal, customer friendly companies I have had the pleasure of dealing with.

The GT2 is an incredibly smart product that makes organic gardening vertically a breeze, and it’s made in the USA! They’re also one of the most loyal, customer friendly companies I have had the pleasure of dealing with.

3. Grownomics Vertical Garden Planter

Good if your available space is against a wall, this is a great space-saving vertical garden planter with plenty of room for a large variety of plants.  Well constructed and looks great, and made in the USA.

The root space is a bit less than the first two but it is set up to water itself, all you would need is a watering timer. This would be great for herbs, lettuce, flowers, or even strawberries. Secures well at the top, so it won’t fall over. The built-in irrigation hose is great, just attach it to your garden hose, turn it on low, and it waters everything nicely without dumping out all the potting soil.

4. Akro-Mils Medium Stack-A-Pot

This is a simple yet beautiful vertical planter, perfect for an indoor herb garden but the possibilities don’t end there. The containers give each plant’s roots plenty of room and water gets distributed well enough if you just water it through the top. You can make this even taller with additional pots, and the modules collapse together for easy storage during the wintertime. If you want to stack these even higher than three there are holes to add a dowel rod to support and protect your stack of pots from heavy winds or climbing critters.

You could even choose to make it into a hydroponic system with Perlite or Coconut Peat instead of soil by drilling holes in the center of each container and running a pipe to the top attached to a pump that you would keep in a bucket below the vertical planter filled with water and nutrients. I absolutely love this pot. It’s a great price, perfect arrangement abilities, and a wonderful size. Assembly is a breeze.


5. Nancy Janes Stacking Planters

This stackable planter has built-in grids in the bottom of each container to promote even moisture retention and keeps your plant’s roots from getting soaked. It’s smaller but more portable than other vertical planters making it easy to quickly get them inside when a major storm approaches. It even comes with a hanging chain if you want to hang it. You could also secure it with a dowel rod through the middle just like the planter with the birdhouse you see in the picture.

Due to it’s size, you will want to consider growing smaller plants like flowers and herbs and small vegetables in this planter but there is a lot of growing space in this planter. Tends to lose moisture and dry out so you will keep this planter watered if you don’t want your plants to wilt. Despite the 12-inch size, the planter is very attractive, sturdy, easy to fill with dirt, stack, and fun to plant. 

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